VFACTS: Sales Soar to Five-Year August High

Australia’s new vehicle sales bounced back in a big way in August, as new VFACTS data from the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) revealed that 95,256 new vehicles were purchased across the month.

This figure is up 17.3% on 2021’s August sales numbers (81,199) and is the most successful result for the month since 2017, bringing 2022’s year-to-date total to 717,575. This is 2.1% lower than the sales recorded at this point of the year 12 months ago.

SUV sales increased by 18.5% compared to August 2021, with an increase of 7,590 units, while passenger vehicles went up by 15.3% (increase of 2,658), light commercial vehicles by 16.8% (3,236) and heavy commercial vehicles by 15.7% (573).

Notably, electric vehicle sales took up a 4.4% share of the total market, which is the greatest proportion of sales in a month in Australia ever. Tesla led the way for EVs, with 3,397 new models sold across August to climb to seventh amongst vehicle brand sales for the month.

Market sales: August 2022
CategoryAugust salesMarket share %% change vs 2021
Light commercial22,47223.616.8
Heavy commercial4,2164.415.7
Source: VFACTS, August 2022

Vehicle brands: August

Toyota continues to hold the mantle of the most popular vehicle brand in Australia, with 20,616 sales recorded across the month in a 3.3% increase on 2021’s figures. They also comfortably lead the way on year-to-date sales, with 161,558 units sold so far in 2022.

However, the remainder of the top five saw more substantial growth on last year’s sales, with Mazda’s 8,824 (15.4%), Kia’s 6,780 (33.9%), Hyundai’s 6,643 (32.4%) and Mitsubishi’s 6,380 (32.9%) representing strong results for the chasing pack.

Mazda’s 66,635 overall units sold so far this year place it second overall, followed by Mitsubishi (53,739), who hold onto third spot despite finishing fifth for the month. Kia (52,910) and Hyundai (51,602) round out the top five brands for year-to-date sales.

Suzuki was the biggest mover in terms of percentage, with its 2,144 vehicles sold amounting to a 105.2% rise compared to last year. BMW’s numbers were also up by 51.8% (2,395), while Ram (55.9%), Renault (44.0%) and Porsche (42.7%) all saw substantial growth.

It was a less impressive month for Volkswagen and Isuzu Ute, whose sales of 2,868 (24.4% decrease) and 2,800 (9.6% decrease) saw them finish outside the top ten for the month. However, Isuzu Ute remains in eighth for year-to-date sales with 24,337.

Best-selling vehicle brands: August 2022
BrandAugust sales% change vs 2021
Isuzu Ute2,800-9.6
Source: VFACTS, August 2022

Best-selling vehicle brands: year-to-date 2022
BrandYTD sales% change vs 2021
Isuzu Ute24,337-3.8
Source: VFACTS, August 2022

Vehicle models: August

Toyota also took out top spot for the month for individual model sales, with 6,214 units shifted for the HiLux. This represents a 39% jump compared to last year’s numbers and keeps it comfortably ahead of the competition for the year-to-date at 44,626 (20% ahead of last 2021).

The Japanese manufacturing giant occupied a further three positions in the top ten for August, with the RAV4 (third, 2,482), Corolla (sixth 2,115) and Prado (tenth, 1,903) all ranking amongst the best-selling models.

The Ford Ranger remained in second spot both for August (4,497, 13.6% increase) and the year-to-date (27,225, 18% decrease), while Tesla’s Model 3 climbed to fourth overall thanks to a strong month which yielded 2,380 sales.

The Mitsubishi Triton saw the largest comparative growth in August 2022, with 152.4% more units sold than the same time last year, while the MG ZS finished outside the top ten for the month but remained on the leader board for year-to-date sales with 13,072 (4% increase).

Best-selling vehicle models: August 2022
ModelAugust sales% change vs 2021
Toyota HiLux6,21439.0
Ford Ranger4,49713.6
Toyota RAV42,482-21.7
Tesla Model 32,380N/A
Mazda CX-52,3253.8
Toyota Corolla2,115-40.6
Mitsubishi Triton2,087152.4
Hyundai i301,975-3.5
Isuzu Ute D-Max1,928-0.7
Toyota Prado1,90330.3
Source: VFACTS, August 2022

Vehicle sales by state or territory
State/territoryAugust sales% change vs 2021
New South Wales30,50140.0
Western Australia8,784-6.5
South Australia5,702-9.7
Australian Capital Territory1,41049.8
Northern Territory8164.2
Source: VFACTS, August 2022


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